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i'm currently suffering, again, from my blasted writer's block so i can't update my fic right now since no matter what i do i get frustrated and delete what crap i started writing~ sorry about the cursing but i'm just really frustrated right now... TT^TT

i apologize to all my readers, especially to those who have been waiting patiently for my update~ i'm going to try and get over this 'obstacle' very soon so please bear with me a little longer~ i really feel bad for you guys~ my poor readers~ TT^TT

so... just to pass the time and hopefully to get my inspiration back, i read. yes. i read other fics out there~ mostly on winglin since i can access it during work~

i'd like to share some of the most interesting stories i've read so far, even though some of them needed some revisions because of the grammar and sentence composition and whatnot~ sorry... that's just the grammar nazi talking~ here we go:

From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Then There Was You
Insanity... In A Fun Way
Shattered Love
Midnight Romance

well.. those are my recommendations... i just have the links on here and not the fics themselves. i wanted to share them to anyone looking for a good read~

*note: the fics linked above are not owned by me but i have read all of them and found them to be very satisfactory. all the credit for each of the stories stated above goes to each of its authors. they are very talented people. ^^b

there is this one other fic that i'd like to recommend and i think it's posted on her LJ. it's called 'Shining Fortunes', it's a fic with yunho/jaejoong pairing being the main characters. it's also a wonderful story full of angst, sadness, craziness and love...

so that's it. just sharing~ i hope i can get back on track soon... i want so much to write but can't. *sighs deeply*


SMILE (^∇^)ノ

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