July 31st, 2013

SMILE (^∇^)ノ

WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! (a continuation of my kfest4 fan account)


(poster from KFEST organizers announcing CassPH as the winner of the 2013 Fanclubs FanChant Battle

KFEST had posted their announcement yesterday, July 30, 2013 at around 4pm.

I didn't believe it at first because I first saw the 'congratulations' post by a friend and asked to make sure. Then I saw Angel post the link that KFEST had just posted on their official page and started freaking out. After reading and blinking at the poster for several times, I just cried.

I just cried because all the emotions were just flooding me and I couldn't believe it and I just... It's really hard to explain in coherent words. All our hard work, frustrations, pain and just... EVERYTHING had paid off!


This was our last pose just after MIROTIC ended. The explosion of screams behind us was just unbelievable. Standing on that stage with CODE RED was one AWESOME and AMAZING experience. The feeling of dancing for TVXQ with the people who share that same love for the five people who've been through so much in the last ten years... It's something that will never be forgotten.

The photos on the bottom are from our performance that a fellow cassie took. She had cried during our performance and had proudly said that we were the only fanclub that had made her literally cry. The left photo is again, of our finaly pose and the right photo is CODE RED before our performance. (photo collage by melboy)

other fancams:

the one who took this fancam isn't a cassie and said: "I'm not a cassiopeia but I almost cried because of this performance. A real definition of a FANDOM!"

I had cried again after watching this fancam. I didn't really hear how LOUD the screams and cheers were because we were all on stage and we were all focused on our music.

This is another fancam with a closer view of CODE RED's performance. ^^


I had only written the highlights of our incredible experience during KFEST4. I had completely excluded the details of what had happened in between.


Yes. I've only heard of this kind of thing happening in the news and never thought that I, along with my group would be caught up in the middle of it... or to put it more correctly, just behind it.

We had initially thought of as XANDER (YES. Alexander Eusebio formerly of U-KISS was a guest kpop idol at the event) finally arriving was in fact wrong. CODE RED (it's the name we've all agreed to call ourselves, as we also carry the name of Cassiopeia Philippines whenever we dance) was seated around our "refugee camp" eagerly waiting for the next Kollaboration Dance Cover Contest group to come up on stage. A few from CODE RED had joined said contest and we were there to support them. As I've already mentioned in the first part of my fan account, we've already screamed our lungs out when Bela and Mikki, who had kosplayed Yunho and Changmin with Catch Me as their intro music, were done and we were waiting for JP, who will be dancing a cover to Infinite's music, Melboy (it's a nickname we all call him since we have a similarly named female in the group and call her 'Melle-girl') who will also be dancing a cover of Infinite and Teen Top and Leo, Christine, Yzze, Gielyn and Maria who will be backing up Eena (fellow CODE RED dancer) as she and her group will cover Sistar's Give it to Me.

We'd already seen JP perform on stage and screamed our lungs out especially during his short solo part. Plus we'd also seen a SHINee cover group with a very cute Taemin look-alike, who had all the fangirls screaming like banshees (me included because Taemin is such a bias wrecker for me since he's been improving so drastically it's frightening and surprising and it makes me just so proud of him!).

KFEST had suddenly called a halt to everything just when Melboy's group was about to go on stage. It was then that we had found out about the stampede. They explained that they will be holding an emergency meeting to decide if they should continue or cancel the event. They had everyone inside on lock down. No one was allowed to go in or out.

Waiting was a bitch, to be honest. We were stuck inside the venue, it was very crowded and none from the group wanted to venture into the see of people just to get food (because, honestly it's way too much of a hassle). When the crowds finally thinned somewhat (I assumed that they'd finally allowed the people outside the hall), we saw one KFEST staff holding up a small white board that said "KFEST CANCELLED".

It was such a shame. The emcee for the event came up on stage and explained what the organizers and the management (SM Megamall) have decided. KFEST was cancelled. They didn't foresee this incident happening and for everyone's safety (because some people got injured because of the stampede) they have decided to stop the event and reschedule it two weeks later where the second half of their contests will be continued.

KFEST hadn't revealed any information about the venue, just that the tickets this time will be free. And to compensate, they did a raffle, one of them being a ticket to the upcoming KPOP Republic Concert (SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shalbet) on September 7. They didn't even say anything about the results of the Fan Chant Battle.

So we left and had a team dinner instead. We were all exhausted, angry and hungry.


Yes. I ALMOST FREAKING LOST MY PHONE! Dan and I had gone to the technical booth for our music and were on our way back. In the excitement and because we just heard the announcement that the Fan Chant Battle was coming up next, I didn't notice that my phone had fallen out of my pocket. My beloved phone. TT____TT I was almost crying as I frantically searched the floor and tried to retrace our steps in the hopes of finding it.

LUCKY for ME, a young girl clad in black --- i don't know if she's a BAP or EXO fan or from another fandom --- was walking around as she held out my phone. I SAW HER AND I JUST... I WAS SO THANKFUL THAT SHE WAS THE ONE WHO HAD PICKED UP MY PHONE and HAD THE INITIATIVE TO LOOK FOR ITS OWNER... TT____________________________TT

I WAS JUST FLOORED. OMG. I WAS BOWING REPEATEDLY AND THANKING HER SEVERAL TIMES before returning to my worried group and telling them that I had my phone back.

Whoever you are, dongsaeng (because I just know that I'm older than you), THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FINDING MY PHONE AND GIVING IT BACK TO ME. *90degreebow*